Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas friends!!!

To all our friends near or far....have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are!! Love the Wrights!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mormon profile

I've been wanting to do this for awhile and finally got around to it today. If you go out to you can see my new profile. Happy reading:)

*actually it may be awhile because my responses have to be reviewed..give it a day or so

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My kids are DYNAMITE!

This really happened today!
ring, ring..
Dad: Hello
Dear daughter: Dad, can you bring me my chapstick
Dad: what's going on?
DD: my lips are hurting really bad

No joke! She's never even watched the movie! I laughed out loud in the car, by myself, when I got the low down on this conversation. Gotta love kids!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here are the swimmers about to enter the pool and kick some bootay! I was really proud of these guys. Shay probably passed 15 people.
Here we are at the finish-line. Whoo hoo...I sure love these guys

We did it!!! Our stake held its 1st annual tri-athalon and our family entered as two seperate teams. We didn't really train...although Shay has been doing swim team at the highschool. It was a 1/2 mile swim, 4 mile bike and 2 mile run. The bike was supposed to be 8 miles, but because of the huge number of people that signed up they changed it to 4. They didn't have a permit for that many people to bike on the roads...Anywho, here's how it went down.

Shay-swim, Steve-bike, Kinsey-run (Steve actually ended up running w/ her because she was nervous to do it by herself)
Kevin-swim, Derek-bike, Amy-run

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does conference ever do this to you???

They were listening....really.....they were:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Once a Tiger, always a Tiger

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend my 20 year highschool reunion. What a treat! I think reunions must be more meaningful when you grow up in a small town. Not only did I graduate highschool with these folks but I played little league softball, was in elementary school plays, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, student council, seminary, dances, dates, etc, etc with all of these same people. Heck....we couldn't lose a tooth, get a zit, or go on a date without EVERYONE knowing. Therefore....I consider them pretty much family. And that's how it felt, like I was going home for a family reunion...
The front row is a group of teachers that were able to attend. I loved getting to see and visit with them. They are in many memories...funny, serious, and scary:) All had an impact in my life in some way.
This room and these tables were the very ones I used over 25 years ago to eat lunch. Many a conversation was had sitting at these blue beauties.

Still a bunch of crazy kids if you ask me...

I loved seeing who had families and how many children everyone had. We are a diverse group of people including: nurses, hairdressers, teachers, physical therapist, doctor, hygienists, artists, police officers, border patrol agents, audiologists, etc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

He is like a star shining brightly.....

What do archery, orienteering, snow sports, and plumbing have in common? They are all part of the 10 (yes 10) merit badges Deacon just received in his quest for Eagle scout. He is now a star....although I already new that:)
The proud moment...aren't we cheesy

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Highschool, Jr. High and the big kid playground!

1st year at Mesa! 1st year of seminary, 1st year of swim team. Wow! (notice the scar from surger in's healing pretty good)

1st year in Jr High! 2nd year at Mesa Academy...sure love this boy!

4th grade, 1st year of orchestra...wanting to attempt the cello.

4th grade...gets to play on the "big kid" playground. They are all growing up!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recognize her??

Hubby's every waking (and sometimes even sleeping) minute these past months was spent on planning the Celebration of Freedom event in downtown Mesa. It ended up being a great success with 50,000 people in attendance. Quite a party planner isn't he? The kids were lucky enough to get a picture with Mayor Smith and Governor Brewer. Heard of her...she's been in the news a little lately? he,he

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Deacon had the AMAZING opportunity to fly to Williams this weekend in Bishop's plane. He was attending 1/2 day of a neighboring stake's scout camp to get his aviation merit badge. He was the only boy that got to ride in the plane! Here is is before take off.

He got to be the co-pilot. He even got to fly the plane a little!! Do you think this smile is genuine?? What a cool experience.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

These were my roomates this past week. I consider them some of the best women I know...Not too bad for 4 days with no shower..don't you think??
And here are the 17 girls we worked so hard for...
BE STRONG Joshua 1:9

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy little Bee.....hive

In my last post I eluded to some upcoming achievements...well, here is a big one:
Shay received her Young Womanhood Recognition Award this past Sunday. She had to be quite a dedicated young woman to earn her award in just 2 years. Here are just a few of the things she did to earn this award...
*Read the Book of Mormon twice! Once for the value Faith and once for the Virtue value.
*volunteered 40 hours last summer as a junior lifeguard-learning 1st aid and CPR skills
*took a few sewing lessons and completed a pair of pajama bottoms along with 2 quillows(a blanket that folds into a pillow)
*watched all sessions of conference, including the YW general broadcast-and took notes on them.
*taught younger siblings a skill-Kinsey learned to make crocheted hats and Derek learned made a quillow
Shay's next goal is to earn the Bee. This can be done by helping another girl earn her award OR by reading the Book of Mormon again. She already asked for a new Personal Progress book and is contemplating earning a second award.
We're proud of you sis!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My favorite 14 year old!

14 years ago, 2 days before Mother's Day..this girl gave me my most prized title of motherhood. I still remember how overwhelmed with love I was for this little girl. Now she's 4 inches taller than me and 14 years old! I have come to not only love, but admire this girl. She is a responsible, kind, smart, helpful, talented, beautiful girl. I feel so lucky that I got her.
We started the morning with our traditional birthday music blasting from the stereo to wake her up. Then she had her favorite...mickey mouse waffles w/ strawberries and whipcream.

It was her year for a friend b-day party. We planned a ward treasure hunt. They got a clue that led them to a ward members house and then had to accomplish a task before they could receive the next clue. Here they are bobbing for apples in ice water! They had to do things like...make a certain # of baskets, get 30 marbles out of icewater with their toes, 100 jumps on a pogo stick, guess 6 pictionary words, get so many points in wii bowling, pass of 4 DDR songs with a grade of at least a B and bob for apples.

We ended up back at our house for a cookout, presents, cake, and more fun. She's got a good group of girl friends. Her surprise was a baby bunny, and 2 baby chicks..we ended the evening playing oo7. The girls had a great time and got lots of exercise.
Stay tuned for more accomplishments from this girl...she's AMAZING:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just like the pioneers!

-Fresh eggs
-garden grown crook neck squash, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, chives, and white onions
-still waiting on corn and watermelon

that's about as pioneer as we get..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Worried...

Steve and I have exercised pretty much our entire married life. Which btw is now 18 years (I actually had to use my computer calculator to make sure) BUT..we have never really incorporated running into our workouts. I mean, only the crazies enjoy running. I've always felt like it was a form of body torture. My feet, hips, knees, back, heart and lungs seemed to hurt after every attempt. A few years ago our stake challenged everyone to run in a 5K they were hosting. Steve and I decided we could make the effort, train for 12 weeks (I know you runners are laughing) and join this run. We did it. I felt good about it. Didn't run again for over a year. Fast forward....Saturday's are the day we get to workout together. We had been walking, then walking with weights, then walk/jogging, and finally progressed to jogging the complete 3 mile loop. As we started jogging it wasn't taking us long enough-so..we added a little to the route and bumped it up to a 4.2 mile loop. After sometime of doing this we started getting this CRAZY itch to see how much we could do--and still be somewhat comfortable. We bumped it up to 5 miles. That's when Steve started to scare me. He began talking about his runs, looking forward to the next run. He even started running on his weight days!! What the...This morning he came home from his workout and said 7.5 miles baby! " This 50 year old man can run 7.5 miles." What is happening...he swears he's not going to go marathon crazy on me...but I'm starting to get nervous...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Live, Love, Learn

About a year ago hubby's work changed to 4 /10 hour days instead of the typical 5 day work week. For the most part we have LOVED it. It's great having a 3 day weekend EVERY week! When the kids are in school it's like a whole day we get to spend together on a date. First we go to the gym, then we do our Sister Savings/coupon shopping at Wal-Mart. We frequently go to lunch or to the temple together. It's awesome.

There is just one little issue we've(more like I've) had to deal with.....Hubby is the cook. Has been from the beginning. The work schedule change meant we weren't able to eat dinner tell around 7pm. I pretty much need to eat around 5 or I'm cranky. Not only that but- I DON"T COOK!!! So, here's what we came up with.

Each person in the fam takes a night for dinner-hubby has to take weekends due to his schedule. That means my 4 children are getting to each cook dinner 1 day a week. So far it has worked out amazingly well! I get to eat around 5 AND I only have to cook 1 night a week:)

Here are some of our recent entrees

teenager-omelets, pizza, mac n cheese casserole
deacon-sloppy joes, chili and cornbread, tacos
twin 1-pancakes, grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob
twin 2-waffles, mac n cheese, scrambled eggs
me-sweet n sour chicken, chicken squares, chicken noodle soup (home-made even), nachos

Yay for opportunities to learn and improve!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A few of my favorite things..

I have really been enjoying my kids and family as of late. Not that I don't usually enjoy them, but, I have just had an awakening to how much fun they all are. What a blessing to be a wife and mother to this crew. I figured I better blog about it so that on some future frustrating day..I can look back and remember...

Steve and Derek have been working hard on Derek's science project. Determining which metal is softest-aluminum, copper or brass. Here they are cutting the metal to be tested..
For FHE we each made valentines day mailboxes that we hung on our bedroom doors. We spent the week filling up each others boxes with notes of love and appreciation. You can see that this girl is loved AND appreciated.

I couldn't resist getting a picture of the new glasses. Isn't she cute?? You can almost see the little heart she had in her hair for V-day today. We've had fun putting hearts in her hair all week.

And here's my boy with his newly acquired braces. Life is constantly moving and busy at our house...but for the most part..I sure enjoy these guys.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tid bits

Went on a field trip to the state capital this week with my 8th grader. Here's some things I you know the answers?

How many Supreme court justices in AZ?
How much do they make?
What is the line of succession for governor in AZ...1-5?
We elect many positions that other states let the governor appoint, such as secretary of state, state treasurer, attorney general, superintendant of schools, etc.
The state librarian gets to do some cool stuff:)
AND 8th graders are A-L-O-T scarier then they used to be....

On another note...Kins was awarded the award this month at school for the character trait of determination...Uh..YAAAH. She got to eat lunch with the principal. We had to laugh, even the teachers notice her ummmmm trait.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She did it!!!

A year ago we came upon a random blog (someone we didn't know) and were intrigued by their entry. Three kids were pictured, each with a $100 bill in their hands. As we continued to read we discovered that they had each made a commitment to go for an entire year without candy in exchange for 100 big ones! The rule was that they could pick 3 days out of the year to eat candy-the rest of the time there was to be NO candy! However, cake, cookies, ice-cream, donuts, etc. were acceptable-just NO candy. Well, being the candy lover that I am I started to talk about what an IMPOSSIBLE task this would be. Immediately my 2 daughters piped up that they wanted to make this same commitment if I'd agree to the payout. I flippantly agreed, knowing this wouldn't last more than a few weeks. As you can see...when a challenge is issued...I have 1 girl who is up to the task:) I can't tell you how many phone calls I received: "Mom, is a popsicle considered candy.?" Or how about chocolate covered raisins? This girl wanted to be honest and very sure before she had anything remotely sweet. There were numerous times that I would forget and pass her the box of candy while at the movies or other outings-she would respond "Mooooommmmm..I can't have candy!" She saved her valentines candy from school and ate it on Halloween-THAT is impressive-although a little gross.

Here's to my Kinsey girl- $100s richer!