Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Madness in March!!

I can't believe that my babies are 7!! They celebrated their birthday this past Thursday and it was filled with lots of smiles. It begain with the primary b-day sonsgs playing to wake up the fam. K & K requested oatmeal w/ bananas for breakfast. We opened the small family presents then. We had filled small gift bags to take to school for their class-mates. Kinsey handed out the girl bags and Kevin handled the boys. After school was VERY crazy! We had a Dr. appt, mtg w/ the Jr. High principal, 2 baseball practices and the requested mickey mouse waffle dinner! Somehow we got it all accomplished. The big present was opened after school. They each got some new scooters (which are the current hit of the neighborhood) We ended the day sharing what we love about each of them. Boy am I glad these 2 came to me. Life just wouldn't be the same without them.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in AZ!

There's nothing like Easter in Arizona. It's the BEST time of the year, with the weather in the 70-80 range (ok, this last week it was more like 85) the flowers in bloom, baseball season starting, the Mesa Easter Pageant(which we enjoyed this year with Tani, Emmy and Maddy) Our neighbor owns the Wright House (a wedding reception hall) and hosts a fun easter egg hunt for the kids. This year it was after church-12:15. We then were invited, for the second year in a the Mesa Wright's Easter bash. Boy do they know how to throw a party! Good food, fun activities and lots of visiting. I'm posting a clip of Steve getting ousted in musical chairs. Also a clip of Kinsey having fun during the marshmallow war. I wish I would of captured a shot of her winning the hoola-hoop contest. That makes 2 years running!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

To turn off the music scroll down to the slideshow and click on the speaker (bottom left hand corner of slides) until it is muted. Then you can listen to the video clips.

Kinsey's Primary talk

This post is mostly for my parents who are serving in the Manila Philippines mission. Kinsey wanted you to be able to hear her talk. Hope the audio is good enough! Notice her CUTE curly hair and her crazy teeth! She is in that inbetween phase with her teeth right now. We practiced her talk lots so that she looked out into the audience frequently and had many parts memorized. She did a great job in primary. It was a little harder to do at home without a podium.

Summer is Coming!

Time for those summer haircuts!! I love it when they can just wake up and go.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


About 6 weeks ago we purchased a new entertainment set from Levitz going out of business sale. Got a great deal and we love it. A few weeks later, we found a computer armoire on craigslist that we were interested in. When we went out to look at it we discovered that it was exactly the same style, color, even had the same hardware that our new entertainment center did!! We were excited about it. And we can even hide our computer, along with all the paper and junk that goes with it.YIPEE!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

One of Kevin's many talents!

Kevin and his friend Luke Larson discovered they can both do this. We have gotten a kick out of it and thought we'd share it with all of you. We are experimenting with our new camera and didn't take the movie right. Can't figure out how to turn it. I guess you'll just get a side-ways still get the picture though.