Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Double the fun

This is one of my favorite pictures of these two. Looks like a prom picture or something. SOOO cute. They are about 3 yrs old here.
Oops. Didn't get this picture turned. This is their first day of kindergarten. So sweet and innocent...most of the time.
Our first Easter back in AZ. This was 2007.. so they are 6 yrs old.
And look at them now. I can't put into words how much I love these two. They fill my life with all kinds of happy!
Happy birthday Two-ums!!!! We love you!


That was our slang for two of them! In honor of Kevin and Kinsey's 11th birthday we're doing a double post highlighting these past 11 yrs.
Here they are just before their debut...making me super uncomfortable and VERY excited to meet them.
Look at my babies...ALL 4 OF THEM! What was I thinking!! haha They are all so little.
Poor little Kinsey bird hurt broke her wing. I was so sad for her...and then her brother thought that since they were twins....
He would do the same thing! I think it was about a year later for him.
One of many messes the two have made. They were caught in the moment for this one...many others were discovered after the damage had been done...like flooding the kitchen!:) See the next post for the rest of the story...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ahhh....a break!

Spring Break that is! I took the week off and we focused on spending some quality family time together. The kids and I exercised together 4 days...played family games, went on hikes, zip line, visited cousins, etc. Doesn't it sound grand? (never mind that the family games and exercise sessions had to be made one of the kids chores to get it to happen) haha

Our first little adventure was a trip to Marana to spend a day with Janette and Brian. Didn't get any pics of our hike the next day. It was enjoyable, aside from the cholla cactus Derek got stuck in his calf. Good thing Brian was prepared with gloves and his little pliers to pull out all the spines. OUCH! He was a tough boy...FLIP-was his word of choice

We celebrated pi day on March 14...3.14 get it. We bought a pie and the kids then measured the circumference before we ate it:)
The last 1/2 of the week Steve took off from work and we rented a cabin with my brother's family up in Payson. We had a nice time relaxing, visiting, and eating. I sure love spending time with family! We hiked to waterwheel falls one day. Here is Kinsey testing the water. It was quite cold..it snowed in Payson the day we left. That didn't stop her from jumping in though!
A few kids even made there own little water slide.
We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon @ my Uncle Dave's cabin visiting with my cousins. The kids all had fun getting a turn on the zip line.
And, we did a little of this..it was a nice break with lots of quality time TOGETHER. That seems to be happening less as the kids are growing up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tale as Old as Time...

Shay had the opportunity to participate in this year's high school musical- Beauty & the Beast. She loved it! I was impressed with what a great job they did, from the pit orchestra, to the costumes, to the choreography. It's no wonder they had 5 sold out performances!Here she is in a villager scene.
One of the enchanted scenes...she's a broom:)
Another villager scene..
bowing at the end of the show...in her ball gown
Enchanted scene...don't you just love the whisk in the center..

Great job MHS!!!