Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A tasty snack we found just outside Mom and Dad's little house. Yum! (this is my brother John)
An ostrich that wasn't very happy as Steve blew in it's face!
One of two big Montitor Lizards we saw as we toured the Underground River. That was one BIG lizard
These little monkeys were so tame they would eat right out of your hands. I have video of me feeding one. I'll see if I can figure out how to get it onto the blog.

This is a Carribou, or water buffalo. The islanders use these animal for lots of things. Plowing the fields, pulling their carts, etc.


We FINALLY have it together. Our camera is now downloaded and we can catch you all up on what has been happening in our family for the last few months. This may take a few posts.....and a few days:) First...Steve and I took an amazing trip to the Philippines in May. We were visiting my parents and my Uncle Dave and Aunt Nancy on their missions. I'll share a few pics and try to explain.

This is a picture of 4 generations in the church...a rare site on the Island of Palawan, Philippines. Such sweet, humble people.

The kids were too cute! They loved posing for pictures after church.
Sunday morning we were able to see a group of youth off on the ferry bound for Manila. They were on their way to do baptisms for the dead. It would be a full week trip for the youth and the leaders.

(we visited a crocodile farm while in the PI's-crickey mate!! Look how huge this one was)