Monday, May 25, 2009

Grand time at the Grand Canyon

We took an impromptu trip to the Grand Canyon this past weekend. The kids got out of school, we had a long weekend...why not??? The kids had never been to see it.....we were reminded that it truly is one of the 7 wonders of the world!! Here are a few pics.

Believe it or not, it was quite nippy in this part of AZ at the end of May. We even got some rain.
You have NO idea what a feat it was to get Kevin to even step foot off the trail. He was so paranoid of falling:)

truly grand isn't it

Shay's practicing her camera skills.

The Hopi house. One of the historic buildings there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fathers & Sons FEAR FACTOR

This past weekend was our ward Fathers and Sons outing. My boys sure did come home with some fun stories. The ward put together a Father/Son Fear Factor game that was a HUGE hit. Here are some pics...I will try to explain the events as much as possible.

#6-One member of each team had 1 minute to get out as many marbles from this icy water filled chest as they could. Derek was able to get out 27 with his talented toes...brrrrr
#7 This was the challenge that won Derek the respect/admiration of the whole ward. Steve had originally designated himself to do this was to eat a small can of wet dog food. After one bite he couldn't do it and left to heave...thinking that their team would be disqualified. He began to hear people shouting for Derek and turned around to see that Derek (who can't eat his vegetables without heaving) had stepped up to the plate for the team and was shoveling in spoonfuls of the "so called" dog food. He would plug his nose, shovel it in, and then gag it down. This picture is in the midst of a full on heave! He completed the task! He later learned that it was really goose liver pate...I think dog food may have tasted better.

# 8 Here is the picture of the 2nd place team! The prize...a couple of really cool buck knives!!

#1 First event was to have 1 member from the team run a blind-folded race. The teams runner that was in last place would be eliminated from the game. Derek did this challenge and came in 3rd.

#2 This challenge was to clean out the inside of these dirty diapers. If you enlarge this pic you'll see how much Steve really got into this one.

#3 I still can't believe Steve did this! Derek is putting a live cricket into Steve's mouth. Steve then had to run 100 yards before he could spit it out. He complained that Derek smooshed some of the guts out as he put the cricket into his mouth. What a Dad!

#4 Each team was given 5 minutes to come up with a skit only using Duct tape a paper plate and string as props. Apparantly these guys had the best skit. They sang a sesame street song about letters...their assignment was to be hiccuping robots.

#5 One member of each team had to down this delicious bowl of 2 sardines and 3 oysters. Steve couldn't quite make it go down....but they weren't eliminated because one team wouldn't even attempt it.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kevin & Kinsey's 2nd grade play

This was Kinsey's part in the 2nd grade play. She's a red robin (in case you were wondering)

This was Kevin's part. Isn't he a great little singer?!?! The play was very well done. All the kids did a super job.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some of our happenings...

It has been crazy busy these past are a few highlights! We are now the owners of 4 baby chics.

The plan was to enjoy them while they were cute and then send them to SD to live at Mima's house...but, Steve decided to be a farmer and built a little chicken coop in our back yard. We'll see how long this lasts:)
One Sunday as Steve and I were taking a nap Shay decided to play make-up artist. We woke up to Jack Sparrow (Derek) in our living room.

Derek (and Steve) experienced their 1st official scout campout. It was the 11 year old district camporee. They froze!

Derek is sharing his talent at our ward primary talent show......yes, it's reading

Kevin played a piano piece for his talent

We've spent some time swimming this last month as the temperature has warmed up considerably.

Shay had nerd day at school....