Saturday, June 26, 2010


Deacon had the AMAZING opportunity to fly to Williams this weekend in Bishop's plane. He was attending 1/2 day of a neighboring stake's scout camp to get his aviation merit badge. He was the only boy that got to ride in the plane! Here is is before take off.

He got to be the co-pilot. He even got to fly the plane a little!! Do you think this smile is genuine?? What a cool experience.


Lukky 7 said...

WOW - That's awesome! How great your bishop invited him. Have his feet touched the ground yet, or is he still flying high?

Rie said...

That is so awesome! Expensive hobby... hopefully he fall in love with it too much :)

Brian and Janette said...

WOW! Steve's come a long way...from fear of random airplanes falling from the sky into the backyard to sending Der-Der up into the air! Way to go Derek...and Steve!