Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tid bits

Went on a field trip to the state capital this week with my 8th grader. Here's some things I you know the answers?

How many Supreme court justices in AZ?
How much do they make?
What is the line of succession for governor in AZ...1-5?
We elect many positions that other states let the governor appoint, such as secretary of state, state treasurer, attorney general, superintendant of schools, etc.
The state librarian gets to do some cool stuff:)
AND 8th graders are A-L-O-T scarier then they used to be....

On another note...Kins was awarded the award this month at school for the character trait of determination...Uh..YAAAH. She got to eat lunch with the principal. We had to laugh, even the teachers notice her ummmmm trait.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She did it!!!

A year ago we came upon a random blog (someone we didn't know) and were intrigued by their entry. Three kids were pictured, each with a $100 bill in their hands. As we continued to read we discovered that they had each made a commitment to go for an entire year without candy in exchange for 100 big ones! The rule was that they could pick 3 days out of the year to eat candy-the rest of the time there was to be NO candy! However, cake, cookies, ice-cream, donuts, etc. were acceptable-just NO candy. Well, being the candy lover that I am I started to talk about what an IMPOSSIBLE task this would be. Immediately my 2 daughters piped up that they wanted to make this same commitment if I'd agree to the payout. I flippantly agreed, knowing this wouldn't last more than a few weeks. As you can see...when a challenge is issued...I have 1 girl who is up to the task:) I can't tell you how many phone calls I received: "Mom, is a popsicle considered candy.?" Or how about chocolate covered raisins? This girl wanted to be honest and very sure before she had anything remotely sweet. There were numerous times that I would forget and pass her the box of candy while at the movies or other outings-she would respond "Mooooommmmm..I can't have candy!" She saved her valentines candy from school and ate it on Halloween-THAT is impressive-although a little gross.

Here's to my Kinsey girl- $100s richer!