Saturday, May 25, 2013

End of an Era!!

I can't believe how quickly the years are flying by!  I can remember reaching the milestones of no more diapers, no more car-seats, all kids in school, and being SO excited about the progress everyone was making.  I am so enjoying the kids these past few years that I am almost sad at how quickly the time is slipping by.  We had yet another exciting event this week, 6th grade graduation.  No more elementary school for us.  Jr. High, here we come! YIKES!!!
 This picture shows the personality of these two pretty accurately.  They love each other, and frequently take care of each other-one's goofy and fun, one's studious and sweet.  I'll let you figure out who is who...
 Here they are with their diplomas and awards.

Kinsey earned gold honor roll-4.0 for the year.  She also earned the top award for her class-the Crystal Apple award.  This kid makes a mother proud.  I was surprised when Kevin didn't get the silver honor roll award-I asked him why not and he explained "it's not just the grades that matter Mom, my behavior scores count as well."  Oh-well that explains that.  He's working on it, and got a kind note from his teacher about his progress.  His teacher's and Mother have a hard time getting angry with him, because he's so dang funny and never trying to intentionally do wrong....BUT there's a time and a place.  Right Steve?  Not sure where he get's it....


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Warmed heart

Phone call today

Derek: Mom, it's Derek.  In school today we were given a paper heart.  We were told that we couldn't talk to any girls or we'd have to give them our heart.
Me: Oh?
Derek: I want to talk to girls Mom, but I want you to know that you're the one that has my heart.  Ok?
Me:  I love you son.
Derek: Love you Mom.  Bye.

From the time this boy was born he has known how to warm my heart.  I  LOVE that kid!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Kinsey may be my only hope for an athletic child.  At least one that wants to try.  Club volleyball has been taking up a bit of her time lately.  I can't say that I mind.  She's better than I was at her age.  I'm hoping she'll catch the "bug" and love it!
 Shay had a very special date recently.  Her Papa and his brother (Uncle Dave) invited their oldest grand-daughters on a double date.  They wanted to show the girls what to expect from a gentleman.  Here they are getting ready to leave.  They went bowling, to dinner and ice-cream.  Over dinner Papa presented Shay with a document he and Uncle Dave put together- "What to look for in a spouse"  It listed characteristics to look for and some red flags to watch out for.  It also talked about how important it is to BE the kind of person that you are be looking for.  That is the purpose of dating after all.  What a treasure.  Hopefully it will be awhile before she makes THAT decision.  But in the meantime, I hope she gets lots of practice "looking" and striving to develop her own gifts.
Speaking of looking for a good spouse....Steve and I just celebrated 21 years of marriage.  What a blessing it is to have married such a kind, funny, fun, good man.  I hope and pray that my children find a spouse that treats them as well as mine treats me.  Here's to eternity!