Friday, October 31, 2008

One for the journal

Sometimes our kids are smarter than I give them credit for. A few weeks ago Kevin FINALLY lost his last dangling front tooth. He then followed our routine of putting the tooth in a snack bag and then under his pillow. He showed me with excitement the next morning the $ that had been left in the snack bag in place of his tooth. That would normally be the end of the story...but not this time.
The next night Kevin fell asleep on the couch and Steve carried him in to bed. While tucking him in he noticed that the snack bag was back under the pillow WITH another tooth in it!! He brought the bag out to me asking.."Did someone lose another tooth today?" ME: "Not that I know of." Steve: "Well then whose tooth is this?" ME: " I don't know..let me see that" I then proceed to look at the tooth that is in the bag. It looks like a primary incisor...possibly a lateral. I then took the tooth and pinched it between my fingers and it broke. It was at this point that the light went on. I started to laugh as I told Steve what Kevin had done. He had taken a candy corn and bit off the white portion and put it in the bag. It looked amazingly like the real thing. This kid was going to TRICK the tooth-fairy!!
Steve decided that 2 could play this game. He took a $10 bill and color copied it. He then cut it out and wrote on the back of it...NICE TRY....THE TOOTH-FAIRY and put it back under Kevin's pillow. The next morning Steve woke Kevin and asked him if the tooth-fairy had come a few days ago. Kevin said that she had and then remembered his little experiment...he looked under his pillow and his eyes got HUGE! He pulled out the bag and held it up so Steve could see. Steve: "What is that Kevin?" K: "$10!!!" S: "What's it for" Kevin was embarrassed to tell us what he was trying to do so he just said that he didn't know. Steve told him to take it out of the bag and look at it. Kevin took out the $ with a big grin and opened it up. Turning it over he then read the message on the back side and busted up into big belly laughs. He then had the guts to tell us what he had tried and that the tooth-fairy was too smart to fall for his trick.
What a kid.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So we have this 7 year old boy named Kevin who doesn't like to eat his vegetables at dinner..(or any time actually) Last night Steve decided to put his foot down and let Kevin know that if he didn't eat his green beans he would take away what Kevin loves most the next day. No computer, play station, etc... in fact, no electronics AT ALL! Kevin thought for a few seconds and then while climbing down from the bar stool said..." I can live with that."

You gotta love kids!