Sunday, December 14, 2008

I forgot one!!!

Steve reminded me about one of our favorite family traditions at Christmas....
Has anyone ever heard of aebelskivers? (I thought so) They are Danish pancakes that are basically little balls stuffed with jam, applesauce, cream cheese, whipcream, basically
anything yummy. I'll post a picture of the little darlings and the fun pan you have to use
when you make them. This is our Christmas Eve dinner! Steve's family grew up with this
tradition and it has carried on into ours...that's what I love about these fun traditions.
I'd be happy to share the recipe, but I'm not sure you can find the pan just anywhere..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some of my favorite Christmas traditions...

1. Ever since I can remember we have baked and decorated a gingerbread house

at Christmas time. Oh the memories...As a Mom myself I have discovered these

wonderful pre-made houses at Costco and we have each put together and decorated

one every year. We now make gingerbread villages... The kids look forward to this

just like I did.

2. Starting at the beginning of December we draw names each Monday night to see

who we will have that week. We are then that persons "Secret Santa" for the next 7 days.

I LOVE seeing the creativity of each child. Sometimes we do a secret act of service and don't

leave anything, other times we write a note, or draw a picture, I've even gotten poems.

Occassionally we'll get a little Christmas goody. LOVE this tradition.

3.We also draw names for our Christmas exchange. Christmas Eve we get to open

1 gift and this is it.

4. The Christmas decorations....the weekend after Thanksgiving the kids are ready to break

into the decorations. We get down the boxes and run around the house putting up all of our

fun decorations. It's always a fun family time.

5. As a child we ALWAYS did the nativity story with our cousins. Scripts, costumes, songs, everything. We have tried to do this with our children, but have missed a year here or there.

Traditions are SO fun, they bring the family close, provide for lots of great memories, and can create a lasting legacy for kids and grandkids. What are some of your favorite traditions???

Maybe I'll add a few.