Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Warmed heart

Phone call today

Derek: Mom, it's Derek.  In school today we were given a paper heart.  We were told that we couldn't talk to any girls or we'd have to give them our heart.
Me: Oh?
Derek: I want to talk to girls Mom, but I want you to know that you're the one that has my heart.  Ok?
Me:  I love you son.
Derek: Love you Mom.  Bye.

From the time this boy was born he has known how to warm my heart.  I  LOVE that kid!!


Marie Teemant said...

This story made my day! What an amazing kid!

Brian and Janette said...

I still remember a certain valentine preschool number sung by that sweet boy..."My heart beats for you. My heart beats for you!" Love that guy!

Lukky 7 said...

way sweet

Becca LeSueur said...

Oh sweet Derek! Just want to kiss that guy sometimes.

The Reno Donnelly's said...

Crazy, who would have thought, these two cut ups. Congrats to the Wright family Steve will be a great bishop. We will commiserate together over the years.