Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why We LOVE Quincy!!!

Quincy is a quaint little town in Northern California where Steve grew up. His parents, Mamo and Poppa, still live there. We love visiting for many reasons!! Here are just a few.
We get to bring Sinbad along and he and their little Dachsund (Tootsie) play like long lost friends.
Sometimes we get to make a fun stop along the way. This time we surprised the kids with the trip to Universal Studios. They didn't even know what it was when we first pulled up. They quickly learned-and we had a blast going to shows and riding the rides.

Poppa and the kids made lots of yummy blackberry jam from the handpicked fruit Poppa picked and stored. MMMMMMMM good

We almost always get in a puzzle(which we did-no picture) and a few card games. This year we decided that Derek was old enough to learn the fine art of Pinochle. He didn't even get "beetle-bombed" Unless you count the bowling trip we took:)
Some of our other favorites things are: the traditional Mickey Mouse waffles we eat for breakfast, our trip to the fish hatchery to see Poppa's babies-he's the one that started the hatchery many years ago. Our drive to see the peacocks, the museum and many other fun things.
We had a wonderful visit and are so thankful for Mamo and Poppa-we love you guys!


Brian and Janette said...

Hey! I wanna come next time! Those guys are a lot of fun!

The Reno Donnelly's said...

I love how you guys surprise your kids with fun trips. I hate that you were that close and we couldn't see you. Miss you guys terribly.

Rie said...

So fun!

Becca LeSueur said...

Glad you guys had a fun time. I want more details on your surprise for the kids.