Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wright Reunion at This is the Place Heritage Park

Just returned from a fun trip to Utah for the Wright Reunion. Here are a few of our favorite memories:

We saw this picture of a pioneer family that made it across the plains and thought they were such a handsome group that we took a picture of them....:) teehee
The boys with their cousin Caden. They were resting after a fun game of baseball.

Kinsey joined the family volleyball game. She looks like she may have some natural talent huh?

This was a game of "how many balloons can we keep off the floor at one time.

Shay got put in the dunce seat when we visited the little school house. Hope she gets it out of her system as school starts in just over a week.
Too much to post in 1 be continued.....


Jamie Sue said...

Glad you had fun and that you made it home safely, but I just gotta say, how can you even THINK about blogging right now? Don't you have a car to unpack, laundry to do, etc, etc?

Brian and Janette said...

Looks like fun...I'm jealous! Glad you're back...we missed you this past weekend. We'll just have to make up for it this weekend!!! Holy smokes!!! Steve is going to be 50!!