Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nauvoo the Beautiful

I asked hubby where he would like to go for his 50th birthday present. He chose Nauvoo, IL. SO, here are a few highlights of our trip. What a wonderful experience it was to visit these historical/religous sites.

This was the cute little hotel we stayed in....The Woodruff hotel. It was right next to Zion's Mercantile where we ate most of our meals. Yummy soup and sandwhiches.
Right across the street from the hotel and mercantile was this beauty. We got to attend a session where we enjoyed moving from room to room. The murals on the walls are beautiful, the woodwork and stonework are spectacular. We also got to take a little tour, where we saw and learned more about the baptistry, saw Joseph Smith's saber hanging in one of the offices, also saw the apron and slipper of Mary Fielding Smith. A beautiful building with an amazing history.

Another highlight of the trip was this narrated carriage ride. We learned about many of the church members that had land in the surrounding areas and more backround about the happenings in Nauvoo during this time period.

This is Steve in front of the Mississippi river. Quite a feat to cross it, let alone with wagons and animals!

This is the Carthage jail. It is the original building. For me, this was one of the most spiritual places we went. Quite a touching story. The hundreds of senior missionaries, and the many young performing missionaries were wonderful. We enjoyed every minute of being there. Our testimonies were strengthened and we left wanting to do/be better.


tnsmom said...

Happy 50th! brother steve!! Glad you've had a wonderful one! A half century is not bad at all! Enjoyed so much having all in our home...I'll work on showing it better!! LOveYall.Tani

Goodmangang said...

I am not going to say a word Steve. The numbers 50th say it all. I tell the kids every birthday that I am half way dead.