Monday, March 17, 2008

Kinsey's Primary talk

This post is mostly for my parents who are serving in the Manila Philippines mission. Kinsey wanted you to be able to hear her talk. Hope the audio is good enough! Notice her CUTE curly hair and her crazy teeth! She is in that inbetween phase with her teeth right now. We practiced her talk lots so that she looked out into the audience frequently and had many parts memorized. She did a great job in primary. It was a little harder to do at home without a podium.


Lukky 7 said...

How can I turn the music from your blog off? I can't hear Kinsey.

AZ Wrights said...

go to the slide show and click on thesound to mute it.

Crystal Goodman said...

You should have gone private with your blog. Now you never know who will find you and start leaving odd remarks on your blog.

Jade Goodman