Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in AZ!

There's nothing like Easter in Arizona. It's the BEST time of the year, with the weather in the 70-80 range (ok, this last week it was more like 85) the flowers in bloom, baseball season starting, the Mesa Easter Pageant(which we enjoyed this year with Tani, Emmy and Maddy) Our neighbor owns the Wright House (a wedding reception hall) and hosts a fun easter egg hunt for the kids. This year it was after church-12:15. We then were invited, for the second year in a the Mesa Wright's Easter bash. Boy do they know how to throw a party! Good food, fun activities and lots of visiting. I'm posting a clip of Steve getting ousted in musical chairs. Also a clip of Kinsey having fun during the marshmallow war. I wish I would of captured a shot of her winning the hoola-hoop contest. That makes 2 years running!!!


Crystal Goodman said...
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Crystal Goodman said...

OK I screwed that one up and had to delet it.

If you ask me Steve had the chair all the way. OK that YOUNGER Girl kicked his butt for that chair.So it sounds like you guys are in AZ. How dare you live this close and not try to find the coolest guy to ever walk out of St.David.

Ye I do think my family is Cute also, but they can be not so cute very fast.You are in trouble for sure now because my wife the BLOG STOCKER has put you on our list of blogs so if you are wanted by the law or anyone else you do not want to find you then you better send a note to tell her to take it off.