Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Recital

Kinsey had been asking to take guitar lessons for quite some time and I finally relented and found her a teacher.  She's only been going for a few months.  They had their Halloween recital today at an assisted living facility.  Isn't that a cute idea?  She's dressed as a prisoner that died while incarcerated (in case you couldn't tell)
The Halloween song is an original composition.  She used the music to a known song and insterted a Halloween poem she wrote for the words.  Kind of cute don't you think?


Marie Teemant said...

Not just kind of... WAY cute! (Not that expect anything less from my cute Kinsey!) What a talented girl! Although she's growing too fast. Tell her to stop that :)

Brian and Janette said...

LOVE it!! Way to go, Kens!