Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fly like an EAGLE!!

Saturday was one BUSY day for us. We all got up early and excitedly headed off to Deacon's Eagle project! He chose to work with Save the Family, an organization that helps families of domestic violence get on their feet. We prepared an apartment for a family to move in.

Here's one of Deacon's uncles helping with the job. Sure appreciated the hard work he put in. Most of his time was spent in an upstairs bathroom...eeewww.
We have a very small Deacon's quorum, here is one of our newly baptized Deacon's and his Muslim friend that came to support in the cause.
The best friend was a big help!
And the prospective Eagle himself! He led the project and did a pretty good job at it too.
Kitchen kept me occupied the whole 4 hours!
Ward helpers! Appreciate these guys!
Fellow boy scout and cousin lending a hand. It was a project that left me with a feeling of doing some good in the world that day!

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Brian and Janette said...

Proud of that Deacon! Definitely looks like you made the world a little better that day? BTW, what are you gonna call him in two months when he's not a Deacon anymore?