Friday, March 25, 2011

Cabin Fever.....literally!!!

So we got home from an AWESOME cabin trip for Spring Break (see pictures below)...and Shay complained of not feeling very good. We took her temperature and sure enough, 102! For the next 4 days she was one SICK girl with a super sore throat, chills, high fever, etc. At this point the doctor is suspecting mono. Not fun!!!

Anyhow...we loved the cabin (thanks John and Becca for the awesome Christmas gift) Here is a picture of our hike to "the boulders." The boys swear they found a mountain lion den with footprints and everything.

We tried to drive up to Green's Peak..but too much snow on the roads, so we played in the snow for awhile:)

Did some fishin:)

Look at these two readers

We invited a family from our ward, the Farnsworths, to join the fun. The kids spent a better part of a day building this awesome fort they named the "Hidden Meadows Mountain Man Club"

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Rie Teemant said...

Mono??? Who's Shay been kissin'? Hope she feels better and it's fun to see pictures!