Tuesday, July 7, 2009

summer fun!

This used to be one of those horse walker thingies...look what Uncle Dave converted it into!

After a trip down the salt river.....do you think my shoes are getting too worn out???

Our trip to Christopher Creek for the 4th of July...WHAT...I can't believe anyone else had the same idea!!!


Goodmangang said...

We have done that in the past also. Now our trailer stays on the side of the house over the 4th. We do our camping trips on weekends that are less crowded. We do have one spot that does not see to many campers.It is up by forest lakes above the Rim. And yes you might need a new pair of shoes.

Brian and Janette said...

You can't really tell what the first picture is...but since I already know, it sure was fun! We happened to miss all the track-iff...HOORAY! Did you guys end up catching the fireworks?