Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some of our happenings...

It has been crazy busy these past are a few highlights! We are now the owners of 4 baby chics.

The plan was to enjoy them while they were cute and then send them to SD to live at Mima's house...but, Steve decided to be a farmer and built a little chicken coop in our back yard. We'll see how long this lasts:)
One Sunday as Steve and I were taking a nap Shay decided to play make-up artist. We woke up to Jack Sparrow (Derek) in our living room.

Derek (and Steve) experienced their 1st official scout campout. It was the 11 year old district camporee. They froze!

Derek is sharing his talent at our ward primary talent show......yes, it's reading

Kevin played a piano piece for his talent

We've spent some time swimming this last month as the temperature has warmed up considerably.

Shay had nerd day at school....

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Rie said...

Love the updates! Derek's talent rocks... I'll have to do that for my next ward talent show. I can't wait to see ya'll on Wednesday!