Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What do you suppose this is??

Last night I found this container, filled with these items, sitting in my pantry. I asked Steve what the heck it was supposed to be and he chuckled, telling me that he saw Kinsey putting this little "kit" together. If you can't tell it's 4 containers filled with water, a box of hot chocolate mix and a glass. When Steve asked Kinsey what she was doing she replied that she was getting her own 72 hour kit ready.:) Is she the cutest or what?


Brian and Janette said...

Can't think of anything else I'd want in my 72 hour kit...water and chocolate sound pretty good to me! What a sweet girl.

Welcom to Sarah's Blog said...

That was adorable!! I can guess what you guys have been talking about over at your house:)