Friday, September 19, 2008

The story of our house

Some of you have asked about us moving recently. Here's the story...we moved from Reno, NV in 12/06. Because we were selling our home in Reno we rented here in Mesa. Our home sold quickly, but we continued renting for 1 1/2 years waiting for the right opportunity to buy. That opportunity came about in May of 2008. We found a home in a beautiful area that was a "short sale." It was pretty much ready for move in. We are doing a few things here and there to get it just the way we want it Here are a few pics.

The laundry room... LOVE the counters and all the cupboard space. You can't see the counter and cupboards that are behind me! I spend a few hours a week in here folding laundry:)
Another selling point about this home was the HUGE backyard. This fun b-bque was a bonus. We are waiting for things to cool down a little before we have a backyard bash with friends.
This is just another angle. You can see where we had our above-ground pool. We just took it down last week. We would like to eventually do some nice landscaping back here.
Kitchen...I am liking the black appliances. I always had white before.
Great room. The kitchen, eating area, great room foyer, music room are all open to each other. It is a BIG space. We've had a group of 20 over and it seemed to accomodate fine.
dining area
I think this is my favorite room....the music room

Here's a view from the front. We aren't super fond of the color. We'd like to paint the outisde a darker color and add either brick or stone to the entry way. Hopefully in the next year or two we'll conquer that project.
I didn't take a picture of the master bedroom because I'm currently washing the sheets on my bed:)


Crouch6 said...

Hey Wright Family,

We saw your blog on the Moore's and thought we would say hi. We lived on the other side of the valley in Surprise until last year. We loved it there. We are thinking of applying for residency there when that time comes. Congrats on the house. It is so nice. We were wishing we could have bought especially now but we have to be patient until Derek graduates.

Crouch6 said...

No, we are in Las Vegas now. We moved here a year ago so Derek could start med school. Derek did one year of a masters program in Glendale at Midwestern University and we really wanted to stay at that school but we were wait listed so we made plans to move to Vegas and on the day of the move when our truck was almost loaded they called and offered us a spot. Dang it! We had already arranged everything to go so we came here. Either way we are just grateful to be in medical school! Good to see what you guys are up to!

The Reno Donnelly's said...

Nice house. I would love it if our list of things to do was paint and put up stone. We are planning on painting this year along with the million other projects around here. The joys of home ownership.

The Youngs said...

Hey Steve and Amy-
Got your message on our new blog. Thanks! As mentioned there - Latissa is living close by in Orem and Jorden is working and planning on a mission next year. If ever you guys are up this way, let us know. We'd love to see you again!