Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shay's knee injury

A week or so ago, Shay was playing at a friend's house and step on the last stair step heading to the basement. She apparently stepped with her weight shifting and dislocated her knee. We watched it for a couple of days and told her to be tough. She missed church on Sunday and then school on Tuesday with a very sore and swollen knee. Sooooo, we took her to the doctor who in turn sent us to an orthopedic specialist. There we found out that she had cracked her knee cap. The doctor said that instead of her ligament tearing which would have resulted in surgery, her bone in the knee cap gave way resulting in the crack. She has to wear a brace for 6 weeks while it heals followed by some physical therapy and exercise to strengthen the muscles in the region. She's real excited about it as you can tell in the photo.

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Brian and Janette said...

I'm still shocked at how tough Shay was! That knee looked sore! Way to go Shay! Be sure to take your therapy and exercise seriously so that you can avoid problems in the future! Bad knees are bad news!